VOELKEL Kombucha Original 330ml

VOELKEL Kombucha Original 330ml

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Traditional Asian Recipe

Fermented naturally with accordance to traditional Asian recipe. With tasty green tea and aromatic herbs making this a lightly carbonated and fermented refreshment.

Kombucha is said to nourish the body, mind and soul.

Made with 14 Ingredients
Contains far more ingredients compared to typical home made, giving it far more goodness.

Low Calories
From the mild, smooth taste, you can already tell it contains less calories compared to conventional brands.

Less Alcohol Content
Contains less than 0.5% of alcohol compared to some conventional brands that can contain up to 4% alcohol.

Packed with Antioxidants
Packed in a dark amber glass bottle to prevent the loss of valuable antioxidants.

Pioneer in Europe
Produced in Germany with over 80 years and four generations worth of tradition, Voelkel is one of Europe???s leading brands of organic juice.

Community & Green Initiatives
Voelkel supports local orchard cultivation by prioritizing fair trade and establishing long-term, personal relationships with their fruit and vegetable growers. Their crops are grown without genetic engineering while juices are produced using electricity from renewable energy sources.

Product Qualities:

Certified organic
Made with 14 ingredients
Low calories
Crafted and bottled in Germany
No preservatives, colouring or flavouring
Vegan friendly