RADIANT Rye Flour 500g

RADIANT Rye Flour 500g

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????Radiant Organic Rye Flour is produced by milling the whole rye berries. No further refinement or processing is then applied. This flour is made on traditional mill stones which protect nutrients and enzymes of the flour and retain the goodness of the whole grain.
????It is lower in gluten and has a stronger flavour than wheat flours and produces baked goods that are moist and dense. Rye flour is often combined with wheat flours for a lightly textured bread which still retains the distinct Rye flavour.

????Direction of Use:
Use in unleavened baked goods or mixed with wheat flour if leavening is used. Suitable for bread making and an excellent natural sourdough starter.
???Lower in gluten
???High in protein, fiber and iron
???Contains all the health-giving nutrients of the germ, bran and endosperm
???Source of antioxidants and nutrients including selenium, phosphorous, magnesium, copper and zinc

RADIANT products are
???Non-Genetically Modified
Artificial chemicals-free , Pesticides-free, colorings-free, herbicides-free.
???Suitable for Vegetarian

????Ingredient: Rye Flour.

????Store in a cool, dry place. Keep refrigerated once opened.
????For the latest item expiry date, kindly refers to our customer support.

????Net Weight: 500g

????Product of Australia.