ORGANIC SCENT Linden Living Soup Twin Pack (700G X 2)

ORGANIC SCENT Linden Living Soup Twin Pack (700G X 2)

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Please note expiry : Nov 13, 2021

Linden Living Soup was selected as the winner of long life’s Healthy and Beauty Award for Organic Diet Category.

* high energy

* non-contaminated

* good taste

* restore health constitution

* replenishes balanced nutrition

* cleanse and nourish our cells

* preserves youthfulness

* Phytonutrient-rich, especially for those who often eating out, easily get tired and having dull skin complexion. It’s time for recuperation!

Most people, especially working adults and even children, suffer from an acidic constitution due to improper diet. Acidic constitution is the cause of most modern disease affecting mankind today. Besides maintaining a regular diet and proper lifestyle, eating more alkaline, contamination-free natural foods can greatly improve our constitution and the low calorie vegetable-derived food is usually the best food.

ORGANIC SCENT Linden Living Soup is formulated to meet the daily requirements of our body. It contains a variety of non-contaminated dark rhizome, vegetables and nutritious nuts and seeds harvested during the period of their highest nutritional value, rich in energy and balanced nutrition.

With high contents of protein, minerals, vitamin B complex and fiber, ORGANIC-SCENT Linden Living Soup is an ideal and convenient wholesome alkaline meal for the rapid replenishment of nutrition and the improvement of constitution. Specially added linden leaves are rich in plant collagen protein, which it is not only enhancing the taste, but also beautifies the complexion and restores cell elasticity. Linden (Pipal) is also known for its calming effect.

The Europeans drink linden tea after meals to improve digestion, relieve tension, ease nervousness and for better quality sleep. Through daily consumption of Linden Living Soup morning and evening, and the reduction of acidic food in the diet, one can relieve chronic fatigue, boost energy levels and rejuvenate the body and mind.

Ingredients: Broccoli, cabbage, carrot, spinach, burdock root, linden leaves, pat, buckwheat, blue algae, barley, diosscrea rhizoma, chestnut, cahsew nut,  pumpkin seeds, apricot, black sesame, nelumbo seed, walnut, semen eurycles, soybean lecithin, lotus, rhinacanthus 

Made in Taiwan