HEALTH PARADISE Organic Agen Pitted Prunes 200g

HEALTH PARADISE Organic Agen Pitted Prunes 200g

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Agen Prunes are prunes produced in the town of Agen in the South-West of France, on the edge of what used to be the old Gascony area of France. It is highly prized and worth seeking out as they are of a finer quality than many other dried prunes. These prunes are incredibly plump and moist.

Ways to Eat Prunes

1. Eat prunes alone as a snack

2. Add chopped prunes to your morning cereal or breakfast oatmeal

3. Mix prunes with a variety of nuts such as walnuts, pecans, and almonds

4. Eat them with dark chocolate chips, for a healthy, yet sweet treat

5. Puree prunes to add to muffin and cake mixes for a fibre and sweet boost

6. Add them to smoothies or shakes for a sweet twist

7. Make jam from pureed prunes and eat it with nut butter for a sugar-free PB and P sandwich

8. Add them sparingly to a savoury dish such as acorn squash soup

9. Add chopped prunes to salads as you would raisins or dried cherries

10. Add pureed prunes to a vinaigrette dressing for added sweetness

Ingredients: Prunes and Water.

Product of France