GRASSROOTS Concentrated Kumquat Malt Drink 750g

GRASSROOTS Concentrated Kumquat Malt Drink 750g

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Kumquat ??? the most natural throat soothing health drink

Ingredients: Imported German premium wheat, provincial premium glutinous rice, kumquat, rock sugar, oligosaccharides
Function and usage: relieve irritability, soothing anxiety, clearing phlegm, soothing thirst, ease digestion, soothing hangover
Content Weight: 750 gm ?? 3%
Can be diluted to 25 cups (180 ml of malt drink)
Glass jars, empty bottles can be reused
Store: Place in a cool place. If worried about mold, please put it in the refrigerator.

Manufacturing: traditional pure malt paste making method

  1. The wheat seeds are placed in a room of 20 degrees, and the wheat buds are harvested when the seeds had germinated for about 5 to 7 days.
  2. The wheat buds are ground in a machine.
  3. The glutinous rice is steamed.
  4. Wheat bud juice is mixed with steamed glutinous rice.
  5. Start saccharification filter residue and refining.
  6. Add in the Kumquat (plum) and oligo rock sugar to begin the fermentation.
  7. The ancient malt cream is finished.

How to eat:

Dilute 30 ml + 150 ml cold / (hot) water, mix well and drink. The malt drink can be increased or decreased according to personal preference, 3 times a day.
Golden ratio: 1 : 10 ratio (malt drink: water)
Can be used as spread, can replace the sugar candy
Serve with yogurt to enhance the benefit and taste

For Home care remedy usage:

Cough (heaty) remedy: sim with thermos bottle 15ml kumquat malt drink + 15ml vinegar malt drink+ 200 ml warm water, consume three times daily.

Maltose Tips:

The germinated wheat combines with glutinous rice to produce sweetness naturally, so it will be naturally taste sweet without any sugar added.

Maltose is low in glycaemia index, sweet and not sticky, and is an excellent choice to replace sucrose.

In cooking the stewing food, best to replace sugar with maltose to enhance the nutrition value.