FUCHS Organic Crunchy Muesli With Red Apples 350g

FUCHS Organic Crunchy Muesli With Red Apples 350g

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Every crunchy bite is made from variety organic cereals, full bodied pumpkin seed with almond nuts and South Tyrolean apples make this wholesome M??esli nutrient dense with high source of fiber and minerals.

The hint of lemon zest and aromatic spices make it even more addictive!

Simply soak in plant-based beverage make a nutritious breakfast, provide the essential energy to start your day right!


Cereal flakes* (oat*, wheat*, barley*), cereal flours* (wheat*, oat*, rice*, corn*), cane sugar*, sliced apples with blueberry juice* 6%, sunflower oil*, pumpkin seeds* 4%, shredded coconut*, almond* 3%, concentrated apple juice*, glucose syrup*, rice syrup*, honey*, wheat starch*, corn starch*, barley malt extract*, wheat gluten*, salt, lemon zest*, cinnamon*, Bourbon vanilla*, cloves*, caramel syrup*, vanilla flavour*, antioxidant: tocopherol rich extract*. *Ingredients from certified organic farming

Fuchs Range

A family of innovative recipes

????Cocoa cereals enriched with Bourbon Vanilla

????Extruded shells coated with organic blueberry syrup and South Tyrolean apple juice

????M??esli mixture of organic nuts and seeds


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The healthier choice

  • High Fibre, Low Fat
  • No artificial flavoring or coloring
  • Non-GMO


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Italy???s leading cereal & m??esli producer

Fuchs ranks as one of Italy???s major m??esli and cereal producers. With its roots in a small mill in 1922, today, it produces over 1 million kilos of certified organic m??esli and cereal. They also export to more than 40 international markets.

Fuchs founder Josef Fuchs I with employees

A 100-year family business

Founded by Josef Fuchs I in 1922, Fuchs has been producing quality m??esli and cereal for over three generations in South Tyrol. The entrepreneurial Fuchs family vouches for the quality of each individual packet of cereal.


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Ecological & Sustainable Sourcing

  • Cooperation with local farmers
  • Sourcing ingredients from Austria and Germany to minimize carbon footprint.

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Certified for quality and safety

  • HACCP Manufacturing Safety Certification
  • International Food Standard (IFS) Certification
  • AB Organic Certifcation