ENZYMCARE Hair Shampoo 275ml

ENZYMCARE Hair Shampoo 275ml

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Features :

-Mild and gentle Suitable for normal hair.

-Nourish hair, reduce hair loss and damaged ends and induce hair growth;

-Strengthens the hair from root to end; leaving the hair soft, healthy, shine, smooth and volume;

-To restore the balance of the scalp sebum, reduce oil or dry scalp. To promote healthy scalp and reduce dandruff.

Free From :

-Petrochemical surfactants and ingredients

-Sulphates (SLS, SLES & ALS) and other low-grade harmful chemicals Soap

-Artificial fragrances -Artificial Colours -Heavy metals -Paraben -Mineral Oils

-Phosphorus and chlorine

How to use :

-Use daily for extra hydration and moisture.

-Pour a small portion onto your hand. Then apply on wet hair. After shampoo, rinse thoroughly. -Shake before use.