ECOZYME Enzyme Multi Purpose Cleaner 950ml

ECOZYME Enzyme Multi Purpose Cleaner 950ml

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For you :
You???ll love our Premium Multi Purpose Cleaner, plant-based formulas, protecting your family with the quality air and avoiding the spread of bacteria, prevent allergy. Repels your house from pests and insects.

We care :
Our Multi Purpose Cleaner formulas are non-toxic, pH balance, anti-bacterial agent & biodegradable formula help to protect surfaces and keep the floor bright, cutting grease, grime and dirt everywhere in your home and gentle to the skin & planet.

We are:
No synthetic colorant.
Free from chlorince, phosphate, parabens and sulfates.
Remove grease, dirt & grime.
Suitable for all type of surfaces.

Direction to use:
Clean any surface such as accessories, furniture, leather, walls, computers, stainless steel and other type of surfaces. (Diluted from 7.5ml/half a cap to 500 ml of water)
Wash car (diluted 7.5 ml/half a cap to 5 liters of water)
Clean oven and stove (diluted 15ml/a cap with 500 ml of water)

Cautions :
For external use only. Keep out from children. In case of eye contact, rince thoroughly with water.

Purified Water, Vegetable-Based Cleaning Surfactants (Derived from coconut/palm oil), Acetic Acid(Eco Enzyme (Natural fermented)), Citric Acid, Mild Preservatives (Food grade), Lavender Fragrance (Free from 26 allergens)

Product Features
Our Multi Purpose Cleaner formulas help you take care of your whole house;
kitchen, window, appliances, bathroom is a cleaner??