DR ROS Enzyme Massage Cream 50ml

DR ROS Enzyme Massage Cream 50ml

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-Face Wash: Massage onto dry skin over face and neck then rinse it off. Nourish the skin, soft, smooth and beautiful. Let the skin be protected against everyday stress and harm.

-Day and Night Cream: Applied on the face and let it penetrated into the skin to maintain moisture and promote blood circulation. For Oily skin use Enzyme Spray to spray first then applied Enzyme Massage Cream.

-Moisturizer Cream: After bathing applied Enzyme Massage Cream on the face and whole body together with Enzyme Spray to promote moist, soft, smooth and beautiful. Also apply to dry heels and muscle pain.

-Massage Cream: Excessive standing, walking, running or after intense exercise induced pain, applied. Enzyme Massage Cream at the affected area, it will effectively relieve pain.

-Meridian Health and Beauty: Applied Enzyme Massage Cream together with meridian massage technique to keep the skin young and beauty and also achieve the following result.
>Relieve tendon system, swelling, improve blood circulation, reactive organ;
>Maintain skin moisture, strong, healthy and resiliency;
>Reduce black head and acne;
>Reduce head pressure, relieve tension, improve sleep quality;
>Reduce eye dark circle, eye bags, vision degradation;
>Improve dizziness, migraine, headaches, tinnitus, nose sensitivity.

Mix Fruit Enzymes and Traditional Herbs.

Product Features

1. Protect the skin
2. Sunscreen
3. Renewal of the skin cells so the skin is more delicate and smooth
4. Nourish the skin, soft, smooth and beautiful.
5. Reduce dry skin and promote blood circulation??