SOUTHBROOK Bioflavia Grape Skin Powder 150g

SOUTHBROOK Bioflavia Grape Skin Powder 150g

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An All Natural Product

Bioflavia????organic red wine grape skin powder is a totally new and innovative product which boasts a host of health promoting benefits.

The making of Bioflavia????starts with organic red wine grape skins which are sourced solely from the Niagara, Ontario Wine Region. The grape skins are put through a comprehensive drying and separating process and then are milled into a fine powder. The resultant Bioflavia????grape skin powder has a high concentration of antioxidants and features a fragrant wine based aroma and flavour.

A daily 5g serving of Bioflavia????has 5,500 ORAC Units which provides a powerful boost of health promoting antioxidants.

Unlike many other health products, Bioflavia has only 3 ingredients; organic grape skin powder, organic grape powder and Vitamin C. That???s it! Nothing else.

Your body will thank you!

Bioflavia SO, organic red wine grape skin powder

Production Process:
Once the organic red wine has fermented, the presses come in to action and separate the wine from the pomace. The pomace consists of the Grape Skin and the skin envelopes the seed. Dried at low temperature to preserve the health benefits, the pomace goes through a coarse grinding process that then allows the seeds to be separated from the skins. The seeds are sold to processors for organic grape seed oil production using cold press technology. The skins are then processed using grinders are the final product is ground to pass through a 100 mesh screen, giving a very fine particle size.

100% Organic red wine grape skin powder

Certified Organic by Pro-Cert Organic Systems