ASH II Progut 3G X 30 Sachets

ASH II Progut 3G X 30 Sachets

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PROGUT??friendly bacteria are carefully selected
by our team of researchers and are handled properly throughout the
manufacturing process before it is marketed. The entire process goes through a
stringent quality check and control with a 10 steps procedure before it is
finally packed in a box.

Advanced technology
method has made??PROGUTm ore stable even in acidic environment
in our GIT (gastro intestinal tract). It can withstand the acidic level up to
pH 1.2, which not many products in the market can established.

PROGUT??consists of 8 species of friendly bacteria
with 50 Billion CFU/g (colony forming unit) Prebiotic, Vitamin C and Beta
Carotene. It colonizes the whole digestive tract starting when the product is
ingested orally. It travels from the stomach and into the small intestine,
where absorption of nutrients are, and lastly to the colon.

Benefits of PROGUT
L. Reuteri from Sweden is what makes??PROGUT??unique over other
products; it is specially used in infant as soon as they are born??PROGUT??has
an upper hand towards other probiotics in the market because of its unique

  • Withstand stomach acid (pH1.2)
  • Withstand intestinal bile
  • Heat stable up to 50C
  • 24 months shelf life guaranteed

PROGUT Is best use for:
Baby colic, indigestion, traveler diarrhea, antibiotic associate diarrhea,
pediatric diarrhea, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, lactose intolerance,
constipation, fever, UTI (urinary tract infection), building up immune, skin
disease and food poisoning.PROGUT??is safe and
effective. It is used in all age group including infant and pregnant mothers