Meals and Drinks

The Food We Cook in Green Bamboo

We use only organic and natural ingredients our farmer grows, and if we do not have the ingredients, we source for similar organic items.

Rice and grains are pre-soaked or sprouted to ensure better digestion.

We serve a meat-free, allium-free, dairy-free menu and only serve egg (free range) by request. The menu itself is all vegan unless stated. 

Nasi Kerabu - Green Bamboo Organic

Seasoning, Sauce, and Oils

We use only organic, natural and non gmo seasonings, sauces and oils, mostly from the items we carry in the shop.

Special Menu

Nasi Lemak (Monday Specials)
Blue pea flower premium basmati rice with organic virgin coconut oil served with in house made sambal, Kg Harvest’s free-range egg (optional), seasoning pickled salads according to latest harvest with mushroom rendang and sliced pan fried tempeh.

Handmade Pumpkin Pan Mee Soup (Monday Specials)
Made with pumpkin puree and unbleached flour, we serve the hand pulled dough method which is in pieces instead of noodles strips. Egg free.

Vegetarian Chicken Rice (Tuesday’s Specials)
Turmeric Premium Basmati Rice with steamed seasoned bean curd in soy sauce and honey.

Mushroom Bak Kut Teh (Wednesday’s Specials)
Enjoy this herbal broth cooked with a medley of mushrooms with options of brown rice or eggless yee mee.

Vegetables Curry Noodles (Wednesday’s Specials)
This healthier version consists of blanched vegetables (brinjals, cabbage, long bean etc) in rich curry soup with much lesser oil. We serve this with brown rice ramen

Nasi Kerabu (Thursday’s Specials)
Blue pea flower premium basmati rice with kerisik (toasted desiccated coconut with chili), raw mixed organic vegetables medley (lettuce, long beans/4 angle beans or according to harvest), minced bunga kantan (ginger torch flower), sliced jackfruit or pineapple (seasonal) and chili sauce.

Nasi Tomato Tofu Masak Merah (Friday’s Specials)
Premium basmati rice cooked with fresh tomatoes, raisins and spices. Served with tofu and mushrooms with chili, tomatoes sauce and sambal egg from Kg Harvest (optional)

Nasi Campur Indonesia (Saturday’s Specials)
Inspired from one of our cook from Indonesia, we bring you nasi campur, with tofu potatoes curry, kerisik with blanched vegetables, diced tempeh and cucur sayur (fried vege patties).

Nasi Lemak - Green Bamboo Organic
Vegetables Curry Noodles - Green Bamboo Organic
Mushroom BKT Bak Kut Teh - Green Bamboo Organic
Nasi Tomato Tofu Masak Merah - Green Bamboo Organic

Daily Menu

Healthy Meal Sets
The daily healthy sets are made up of a main, a side and a soup. Our popular main dishes include braised seaweed tofu, green curry mixed vegetables tempeh etc

Toon veggie paste ramen /fried rice
We use fresh toon leaves (Chinese cedar leaves) with mushroom paste for this dish. One of our bestseller since 1997, it’s a favourite due to its savoury taste and topped with fresh raw vegetables and pine nuts for added nutrients.

Sweet and Sour Hericium Mushroom Rice
Classic sweet and sour sauce with hericium mushrooms served with sprouted brown rice.

Ginger Paste Hericium Mushroom Rice
Classic hericium mushrooms with ginger paste served with sprouted brown rice.

Pineapple fried rice
Fried basmati rice with curry and turmeric powder and pineapple with vegetables.

Korean Kimchi Ramen
Milder version of the conventional ramyeon with kimchi.

Braised Yee Mee in Dark Soy Sauce
Classic wet yee mee in dark soy sauce and mixed vege. Egg optional.

Cantonese Style Yee Mee
Classic braised yee mee with assorted vege. Egg optional

Hokkien Style Fried Noodle (Udon/Ramen)
Stir fry dark noodles in assorted vegetables.

Green Tomyum Soup with Brown Rice Meehoon

Braised Vegetables and Mushroom Rice

Ginger broth Enzyme Mee Suah (thin noodles)

Claypot Yee Mee


Mala Hotpot (mung bean unbleached glass noodles)
Stir fried mala fried mung bean glass noodles with assorted vegetables.

Camellia Oil & Plum Sauce Mee Suah
Mee suah tossed in premium camellia oil and plum sauce. Served with striped pan fried beancurd and dumpling soup as side. Camellia oil and plum sauce are both beneficial for the digestive system.

Braised Black Bean Vinegar Tofu Rice
Our take on the black vinegar pig trotter dish veganized by using black beans which is high in calcium and add on the depth to the black vinegar. Served with sprouted brown rice.