About Us

We are the GB Wholefoods team, a health food store that promotes organic, natural, vegetarian and vegan products,  that aims to green as many food "bowls" as possible starting from your pantry, your home, one item at a time.

Our Story

GB Wholefoods is an extension of our retail outlet Green Bamboo Organics, which serves the local community in Old Klang Road for the past 16 years, selling fresh organic produce, organic and natural groceries and serving wholesome vegan and vegetarian food. 

Why Shop with GB Wholefoods?

We are a family owned business that grew up eating organic and natural food and working part time in our parents' and other health food stores before taking over.

We grew up eating the same organic produce from the local farms that we are proud to sell in our outlet.

We hope to bring the assurance of quality good food from the community, and from good establishments around the world to your home. 

Our philosophy has never been jumping into the green food bandwagon because of trends but because we truly believed eating the correct food can be healing.