Fresh Produce List

Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

***Subject to farm harvest and availability***

IMPORTANT: We will confirm your order then only we will arrange for delivery. Please do come for pick up unless your orders are confirmed. We will do a final confirmation and will show you a printed bill before delivery.

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Our Farms
Monday : GK Organic Farms, ZenXin Organic
Tuesday : Titi Eco Farm, Community Eco Market (CEM), Kajang
Wednesday: Vision Eco Farm
Thursday: Titi Eco Farm
Saturday : The Kind Farm

*Yi An Organic Sprouted/fermented Tofu
Every Monday and Wednesday

*Organic Tempeh every Monday

*Fresh organic bread, buns and sourdough breads every Monday and Thursday

* All produce are biodynamic or organic unless stated. 
Most farms are pioneer organic farms which are moe than 10 years in operations .

Vege boxes subscriptions

Please note vegetables are according to farmers’ harvests and no changing or choosing any vegetables. 

Terra Farm Vegebox (Biodynamic)

S-RM38 (2kg)
M- RM58 (3.5kg)
L- RM68 (5kg) 

*Cut Off: 8pm Friday 
Collection Time: Monday 

CEM Vegebox (a cooperative of organic farms)

S RM33 (2kg+-)
L RM55 (3kg+-)

*Cut Off : 8pm Friday
Collection Time: Tuesday 

Listing (For references)


  • Monday
GK Organic Farm

Basil leaves RM3/pack
Bayam bulat RM20.30/kg
Wintermelon (long) RM13/kg
Nangka RM8/box
Banana (rastali/berangan) RM16/kg
Banana Emas RM13/kg
Sweet Potatoes Leaves RM17.30/kg
Brazilian Spinach Rm17.20/kg
Brinjal RM18.30/kg
Spring onion (100g) RM3/pack 
Bunga Kantan RM3/pack
Long bean RM22.80/kg
Cucumber RM14/kg
Sweet potatoes (White) RM 14/kg
Ulam raja RM3/pack
Pumpkin RM20/kg
Silk Gourd/Petola RM22.80/kg

Crystal Lettuce Rm21/kg
Mini Cos Lettuce RM5.25/pack
Kale RM40/kg
Mustard green (KaiChoy) large type RM12.90/ kg
Coriander RM2.20/pack
Spring onion RM2.70/pack
English cabbage RM12/kg
French Bean RM26.35/kg
Beetroot (Aus) RM37/kg
Broccoli 🥦 RM27/kg
Cauliflower RM24/kg
Carrots 🥕 (Thai) RM19.90/kg
Tomatoes 🍅 RM18.90/kg
Jap Cucumbers 🥒 RM17.90/kg
Old cucumber RM13.90/kg
Leek Rm17.90/kg
Yellow Onion RM14.90/pack


  • Tuesday
Titi Eco Farm
Sweet Potatoes (Orange) RM15/kg
Sweet Potatoes Leaves RM17.30/kg
Sweet Corn RM14/kg
Bayam RM19/kg
Local Lemon RM20/kg
Kangkung RM10.80 /kg
Brinjal RM16.60/kg
Bittergourd RM20.30/kg
Kai Lan RM5.30/packet
Mini Cos RM5/packet
Choy Sum Flower RM4.90/packet
Radish RM12/kg
Pumpkin RM14/kg
Star Fruit RM10/kg

CEM Kajang
Broccoli RM22.90/kg
Cauliflower RM22.90/kg
Lotus RM33/kg
Watercress RM22/kg
Soft tofu RM2.90/pack
Tofu Pok RM6.50/pack
English Spinach RM17/kg
Cherry Tomatoes RM19.90 /kg
Ubi Kayu RM10/kg
Org Pineapple RM13/kg

Raw & Living
Org Capsicum Red/Oranges RM78.70/kg
Org Potatoes (White) RM28/kg
Org Zucchini RM52/kg

  • Wednesday

Vision Eco Farm
小白菜 Siu Bak Choy RM14/kg
富贵菜 Misome RM14/kg
菜心花 Sawi Bunga RM21/kg
菜心 Sawi RM14/kg
荷兰豆 Snow Peas RM43/kg
豆苗 Pea Sprout RM29/kg
野茼蒿 Wild Thong Hoe RM14/kg
皱白 Crinkles leaf RM14/kg
乃白 NaiBak RM14/kg
乌龟豆 French Bean RM21/kg
方豆 Four Angle Beans RM14/kg
苋菜 Bayam RM14/kg
油么旦 Mini Cos Lettuce RM21/kg


Sunkist Navel Org Oranges RM28/kg
NZ Org Gala apples RM2.50/each
Pesticide Free Passion Fruits RM19/kg 
Pesticides free Dragon Fruits RM14/kg
NZ Org Dazzle Apple (L size) RM4.50/each
NZ Org Premier Star Apple RM2.50/each
Org Gold Kiwi RM4.50 ( 5 for RM20)


King Mushroom RM22/kg
Baby Oyster King Mushroom RM8/pkt
Honshimeiji Mushroom RM5.90/pkt
Shimeiji Mushroom RM5.70/pkt
Shiitake Mushroom RM5.80/pkt
White Button Mushroom RM8.50/pkt
Brown Button Mushroom RM8.50/pkt
Enoki Mushroom RM3.50/pack ( 2 for RM6)


*All items above subject to farm’s harvest and availability *

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